Breathtaking Palaui Island

Breathtaking Palaui Island

When we I first saw Palaui Island on the T.V series “Survivor,” I was amaze that there’s a place in the northern part of our country that offers breathtaking views like Batanes.

After I talked to my girlfriend Arlie and tell her about Palaui Island in Cagayan, we decided to include it on our bucket list.  After a couple of months of searching and planning our itineraries, the day of our travel has finally come. It was on a month of June when booked our ticket on G/V Florida Bus Terminal in GMA-Kamias. This is the first time that we travel on the northern part of our country by bus. We took the bus that is bound to Tuguegarao. We choose to ride a bus that is bound to Tuguegarao because we went first to Callao Cave that is located in Penablanca, Tuguegarao before heading to Sta. Ana Cagayan.

After visiting Callao Cave, we go straight to the terminal of van that is bound to Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

Palaui Island is accessed through a jump off point in the town of Sta. Ana. From the port, you need to hire a boat going to island. The travel time is about an hour. The boat rent will cost you between PhP 2,000 to 3000.

Before we went to Cagayan, I already booked our accommodation and tour on one of the travel agency (Cagayan Valley Traventures) which offers different tour packages for Palaui Island.

It was 5pm when we arrived at the agency’s office in Sta. Ana. After confirming our accommodation, Ms. Karen offered us the tour package for Palaui Island. We decided to choose the day tour package which includes the tour to Palaui Island, Cape Engano, Anguib Beach, Punta Verde, Baratubut Falls and Crocodile Island plus a lunch.

When all things have been settled, we went to the Sta. Ana Public Market to eat our dinner. After which, we headed back to our accommodation to get enough rest in preparation for the upcoming tour the next morning.

It was 6am when I heard someone knocking on the door of our room. When I opened the door, it was Ms. Karen who greeted me a good morning. She said that we must prepare our things because our tour to Palaui will start 8am. After a couple of minutes preparing our things and eating our breakfast, we approached Ms. Karen and told her that we are ready to go. We left Ms. Karen’s office by means of tricycle and headed straight to Santa Ana port, where the boat and our other companion for the tour are waiting.

We decided to join other group on our tour in Palaui in order for us to save much time and money because we cannot afford renting the whole boat on a price of PhP 3,000.  We met a group of people from Batangas that are also booked the same tour package as ours. After a short meet and greet plus a quick briefing regarding our tour, our boat started to move out of the port. And from there, we know our Palaui Adventure is coming.

Palaui Island

Cape Engaño Lighthouse, also known as Faro de Cabo Engaño build in September 21, 1888

Lighthouse of Cape Engaño

Overlooking view of Dos Hermanas Island

Overlooking view of Dos Hermanas Island

Cape Engano

White Beach of Sta Ana, Anguib Beach

White Beach of Sta Ana, Anguib Beach

Crocodile Island