Adrenaline Rush in South Cebu

Adrenaline Rush in South Cebu

Traveling lets you conquer you own fear. For one who has an archophobia, or the fear of heights, traveling has opened possibilities for me to take the leap of faith and overcome the things I am afraid of.

If you looking for an extreme, fun and challenging adventure, then you must go to South Cebu and try one of the booming activity on the town of Badian and Alegria—canyoneering.

From the word itself, one gets to roam around a canyonby engaging in activities such as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping.

It was a month of September when my girlfriend Arlie and I booked our flight to South Cebu.

If you planning to try this activity, the most convenient and faster way going to Badian is through Dumaguete Airport as it is located at southern part of Cebu.

If you look at the map, Dumaguete is the nearest city from south Cebu. Badian is three hours away from Dumaguete.

We booked our canyoneering activity at Canyoneering Cebu Badian Adventure Resort. For PhP 1500 per person. It will take up to four hours before you finish the activity depending on the pace. After a quick briefing and checking of our gear, we departed from the resort going to the jump off point through a 30-minute habal-habal ride.

The Jump Off point of Canyoneering

After reaching the jump off point, you need to trek for 10-15 minutes before reaching the starting point of canyoneering.

The Starting Point of Canyoneering

10 feet Jump

Bubble Bath one of my favorite location in Canyoneering

The Final Jump 50ft before reaching Kawasan Falls

The first sight of Kawasan Falls

In Front of Kawasan Falls

For us we consider canyoneering as the most unique travel we ever had. It was the first time we do cliff jumping and river activity. Swimming on the Gatorade water of badian is a once-in-lifetime experience. The reward of the trip is to see the amazing Kawasan Falls.

What we learned from this trip is that you have to conquer your own fear.  And I just did. TP