Sands of Pasacao

Sands of Pasacao

Text and photos by NEIL ALVIN NICERIO

IF YOU’RE GOING TO ASK your friends what the Summer Capital of Camarines Sur is? Chances are, the majority if not all of them, would give you an incorrect answer. The answer to this of course is the town of Pasacao.

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Located on the western side of Camarines Sur facing Ragay Gulf, Pasacao is a sleepy coastal town with only a population of less than 50,000 people. You won’t find big malls, luxurious resorts and hotels and high end restaurants here though, but what makes Pasacao the Summer Capital of Camarines Sur is the mere fact that it gets the most visitors during the summer months compared to the other towns of the province.

What Pasacao have though is its long stretch of coastline which has fine brown sand which is commonly and generally referred to as Pasacao Beach. The sands of Pasacao Beach might not be powdery white like your talc powder but upon seeing it personally and feeling its warmth under the soles of your feet, you would instantly be reminded of how lucky you are to be spending your summer in the Philippines.

The sands of Pasacao do not only represent the natural beauty of the town, but also its colourful history. If each grain could speak, they would probably tell you a very thorough historical account of the town. From its founding by the Spaniards during the late 16th century and also the frequent bloody raids of the Moro pirates soon after. The sands of Pasacao would also witness how the control of the town and its important dock would be passed from one colonial master to another before finally being returned to the Filipinos.

The time of the Moro pirate’s bloody raids have long gone. Today, Pasacao offers visitors the warmth of its sands and the relaxing sounds of the waves kissing its beach. Family and friends would surely enjoy their time strolling in this beautiful and usually “crowd-free” beach. The more adventurous visitors could avail of a boat ride to the nearby Daruanak Island where one could snorkel or trek to the top of the island’s lone hill. However, if you suddenly miss the city life and you have time to spare, then hop on a van and go to Naga City. There is a mall there, plenty of restaurants and hotels too.

Overall,the town is ready to take its place in the limelight of Philippine tourism. Given the right support, promotion, and improvement Pasacao would surely be one of the top destinations in the south. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you leave your own footprints in the sands of Pasacao? Who knows, your name might one day be a part of its history. TP

Pasacao is the summer capital of Camarines Norte

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