Le Jardin Manila

Le Jardin Manila

Come for the food, stay for the experience

Text and photos by VANESSA ESTINOZO

Coquille st. Jacques poelees, Puree de pommes

INSPIRED BY the Trois Gourmand restaurant in Vietnam, Le Jardin Manila is a garden-themed restaurant owned and conceptualized by Chef Jonas Ng, sweets master Hasset Go, and internationally acclaimed French Chef Gils Brault in 2014.

It took them five years to bring the concept in; making sure everything was on point, from the dishes to the warm, cozy ambiance—probably one of the reasons why they’re nominated as “Manila’s Best Kept French Restaurant Secrets” in 2014.

“It’s really the best food we’ve tried and thought that there’s nothing like it in the Philippines yet. We commit to making everything from scratch so you can taste that it’s all quality ingredients,” operations manager and restaurant co-owner Irene Ng said.


Start off with Kale and Quinoa salad mixed with sweet, fresh strawberries, dried figs and dates, mixed greens, almonds, and mustard truffle vinaigrette—a salad that doesn’t jeopardize the flavor and satisfies one’s sweet tooth as well.

Bread and butter

Indulge yourself with their best and finest quality ingredients in the market just like the Pave de thon et foie gras poêlé, sauce aux truffles. Grilled tuna served all the way from “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines” General Santos City, with truffle sauce, mash potato, and foie gras on top—Chef Gil’s signature in France.

Another fish delight is the house-smoked salmon, Saumon fumé Maison, a trademark in their variety of fish.

Coquilles St. Jacques poêlées, purée de pommes de terre aux truffes, is scallops imported from France coupled with truffle, mash potato–a tasty treat in every bite.

For the main course, Souris d’agneau or braised lamb shanks boiled in olive oil, rosemary, garlic, and thyme “to such a point that it’s almost falling off the bone,” Chef Jonas offered. The sauce from the raising liquid of the olive oil and herbs complements the tender lamb shanks that everyone keeps coming back for.

A unique selection of wine curated by Chef Gils from the vineyards and chateaux in Champagne, Bordeoux, Bourgogne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire, Provence, Rhonne, and Sud-Ouest regions of France.

Palate cleanser

Le Jardin brought out their dessert that was recognized among the “Best Desserts in the Country in 2015” by the Inquirer Lifestyle – Dessert de Gils. One of Chef Gils’ brainchild made of strawberry sorbet with vanilla ice cream, nougatine, and meringue. The kind of dessert you don’t want to eat just yet, for its carefully designed and well-presented dessert.


Go big or go home for an occasion, splurge your hard-earned fund, and won’t regret a thing with Le Jardin.

“We‘re creating an atmosphere where the people can celebrate, have good food, good wine, good experiences, and it doesn’t have to be sosyal,” said Chef Jonas as he described the restaurant that makes you go bon à petit while creating memories at the same time.

The French has blessed us with their classy take on fashion, monumental arts, and impeccable food. But Le Jardin Manila offers more than just the imported dishes—the unforgettable French dining experience. TP

Pave de thon et foie gras poele

Souris d agneu

Kale and quinoa salad