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For a hassle-free booking on hotels in Asia right at the swipe of your fingertips

By Gelyka Ruth R. Dumaraos

A trip is close to being flawless when everything is planned well— from the things you bring to your itinerary. But of course, however prepared you are, you cannot do away with things you cannot control. There’s delayed flight, last-minute changes in hotel accommodations, or worst, you end up in an unfamiliar city in the middle of the night! These unfortunate scenarios were the springboard of young entrepreneurs who
wanted a solution to this dilemma. Swiss entrepreneur Christian Mischler was splitting his time between Bangkok and Singapore, spending countless nights in hotels while working for Rocket Internet’s FoodPanda. He noticed that he wasn’t alone in wanting a quick fix for his hotel needs. Clearly, the world seems to have a growing interest in last-minute booking. Around the world, services were sprouting to support the trend, so Christian started building a company to support the needs of spontaneous travellers in Asia-Pacific. In 2012, his former classmate Tomas Laboutka became the fledgling company’s Chief Executive Officer; Raphael Cohen the Chief Security Officer; Mario Peng the Chief Financial Officer; and Michal Juhas the Chief Technology Officer. The first-ever last-minute hotel booking app, which was recently launched in the country, offers easy booking on hotels in Asia right at the swipe of your fingertips. Find out why HotelQuickly is your essential travel buddy this 2016: Asia-wide coverage Found yourself stuck in Bangkok after a delayed flight? HotelQuickly provides a wide range of 3- to 5-star hotels which you can book up to the last minute through the Asia Pacific region at a discounted rate. It’s 28 percent cheaper than using online hotel booking options. It offers 11,000 hotels in more than 250 destinations. Credits ov erload When you invite friends to download the app using your own code, you can receive 40 credits, which is equivalent to 40 pesos. Your friend also receives additional 600 credits, and when he booked using the app, you also receive additional 600 credits. Therefore, the more
friends you invite the more credits you have. What’s best is that you can use these credits for free nights. Easy download Using the mobile app is easy and painless. HotelQuickly can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play. It gives you a rundown of up-to-date list of available rooms in certain countries and cities covered by the app. It allows you to look at the hotel’s high resolution photos, check out information on the facilities, read consumer reviews, and even search the hotel location through a virtual map. Each hotel covered by HotelQuickly also shows the room’s normal and discounted prices. To make a reservation on your preferred hotel, simply swipe to confirm. After this, you’ll receive an email confirming your booking then you’re all set to hit the sack.